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Seasons (and Politics) Change the Radio Landscape

On the radio airwaves, summer seasonality plays a big role in how audiences grow or shrink during warm weather months. Yet for as much as things change season-to-season, some things stay the same. The release of Nielsen’s July portable people meter (PPM) survey results have story lines that cover...

The Politics Of Beer

Is the President Seeking to Connect with Mainstream America by Choosing Bud Light? The White House announced that the President will be drinking Bud Light at tonight’s much-publicized “Beer Summit.” Consumer and media research firm Scarborough Research shows that Bud Light is also...

Politics Unusual Media and the making of a President

By: John Burbank, Chief Marketing Officer, The Nielsen Company Many credit the Internet with single-handedly moving Barack Obama’s candidacy from pipe dream to juggernaut. The secret to his success was a major paradigm shift that deployed the Web for fundraising and grassroots outreach. By...

Election Day 2004 Traffic To News, Politics Websites

Where did Web-savvy political junkies head to keep up with Election Day news back in 2004? According to Nielsen Online, CNN’s website drew more than 3.3 million unique visitors surfing the Web from home on November 4, 2004. Meanwhile, MSNBC’s and Yahoo! News’ websites attracted...

Box Office Sales Linked With Presidential Politics

Will the presidential elections impact Hollywood?  If history is any guide, Democratic presidents are associated with larger box office sales growth.  From 1980 to 2007, box office sales grew by 2.8%, on average, during Democratic administrations, while average sales growth under...

Why ‘Political Ratings,’ and Why Now

In today's shifting and divisive political climate, sophisticated voters are in search of relevant political messaging to better understand how their local, state and presidential candidates can best serve their needs.

The Power of the Black Community: From Moment to Movement

2020 has been a year of life-changing moments. The COVID-19 pandemic, politics and racial injustice have affected every single American. For African Americans, the reckoning has extended beyond any single moment, becoming a matter of life and death.