Q2 2018 UAE Radio Audience Measurement Topline Report

Q2 2018 UAE Radio Audience Measurement Topline Report

The total reach of radio declined 3% in Q2 2018, reaching 234,000 fewer listeners than in the previous quarter. This is to be expected, as many residents travel out of the country for the schools’ spring break in the first few weeks of April, as well as during Ramadan and Eid al Fitr holidays.

Despite the slight decline in reach, engagement with radio remains exceptionally high with 61.2 million hours of radio listened to across all seven emirates in an average week, with listeners tuning in for an average of 8 hours each week, proving that radio remains strong as a medium of information and entertainment among the population in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

A fact that we have seen emerging from all UAE RAM quarterly releases to date is that listening levels in the later evening, post drive time, are actually very healthy and equal in reach to other peak times throughout the day. Later evening listening (8 p.m. to 12 a.m.) is actually higher in Q2 than either morning or drive-time listening for the first time. Radio is most popular in Dubai with 2.6 million listeners, and Abu Dhabi with a reach of 2.8 million listeners (24 hour cities), as well as among 25-44 age groups, possibly taking advantage of the last weeks of mild weather before the hot summer months arrive to be out and about in the city catching up with family and friends.

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Q2 2018 UAE Radio Audience Measurement Topline Report

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