Webinar: U.S. Gaming – A 360 View (2013)

Webinar: U.S. Gaming – A 360 View (2013)

Gaming continues to grow and evolve across screens in new and interesting ways. Understanding who the gaming audience is, what and how they play, and how gaming fits into their broader entertainment profile is as important as ever for this dynamic industry. In this year’s annual U.S. Gaming: A 360° View webinar, Nielsen will discuss key trends in gaming and its interconnections with other forms of media and entertainment ― all from a consumer perspective.

Leveraging Nielsen’s unique ability to collect and analyze cross-platform consumer insights, this webinar will address some of the hottest topics related to gaming today: multi-device play, gaming systems as platforms for non-gaming entertainment, transition to the next generation of game consoles, and more.

Join us as we discuss how the gaming industry has evolved over the past year, and what the future has in store. Insights include:

  • How has the explosive growth of mobile / tablet devices impacted the gaming ecosystem?
  • How eager are consumers to jump to the next generation of gaming systems, and what is driving their interest?
  • How does gaming share of clock and wallet compare to other forms of entertainment? How is this changing over time?
  • What role are gaming systems playing in the consumption of non-gaming media, and is this trend on the rise?


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Webinar: U.S. Gaming – A 360 View (2013)

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