Connectivity Makes E-commerce Click

Connectivity Makes E-commerce Click


The rise in internet connectivity is influencing how Filipino consumers in urban areas shop.  Close to 80% of Filipino urban dwellers are now online, and more than 90% of them have bought two to three categories at an average in the past 6 months.

Nielsen’s Bricks to Clicks report finds that online Filipino consumers favor a mix categories across durables such as gadgets; non-durables like clothing and shoes, beauty products, personal care products, and those which provide convenience such as food delivery.

Online Filipinos turn to the web to buy things they need because of certain conveniences it offers—from not lining up in check out counters to numerous payment options and delivery service—that brick-and-mortar stores can’t.

Additionally, access to products beyond what is available locally and the ability to find the best deals or promos prices are fueling the eagerness of connected Filipino consumers to shop online.

E-commerce platforms are easily providing these conveniences and perks thereby spurring the growth of online shopping. Lazada and Shopee are the leading purchase platforms across FMCG, beauty products, shoes and apparel, bags and accessories. Notably, Facebook is emerging as the third most popular platform. With 75% of online Filipinos using Facebook, this is not surprising and in fact, can help further bolster success for independent merchants.   

As Internet connectivity improves and with the confluence of the increasing need for convenience and with merchants only getting better at offering deals, payment methods and delivery to lure more connected Filipinos to shop online, e-commere in the Philippines is set up for growth. It is therefore, important for manufacturers and retailers who are seeking to capitalize on the opportunity of e-commerce to understand consumers’ online usage, behavior and habits, as well as what’s driving e-commerce adoption.

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Bricks to Clicks is based from an online syndicated shopping study conducted in July  2018 nationwide among 18-60 year old Internet users who shopped online in the past six months. Analysis of offline and online purchases is powered by Nielsen Homepanel® data, which is gathered from 1,000 households in the Greater Manila Area.