Over 40 And Spending Freely

Over 40 And Spending Freely



Nielsen recently announced an exciting partnership with leading provider of financial data and analytics, Veda, to provide the industry with better targeting tools for marketing campaigns. Some of our first integrated Veda metrics are out, and there are some compelling insights.

Three in five Australians are aged over 40 and 1 in 3 of them have a household income of at least $104,000. Their children have left home and nearly half have finished paying their mortgage.This means it’s time to start spending on themselves – and they do! They’re 32% more likely than all Australians to have spent $1,500+ on their credit card in the past month and 29% more likely to have paid it off in full in the past month. 

They’re investment rich with almost half more likely to have assets worth over $300,000. They’re experienced, financially savvy and knowledge abundant influencers when it comes to financial services/banking/insurance and investments.

So, where do you reach them? The good news is that that they are big consumers of all types of media. Compared to the average Australian, Australians over 40 are more likely to be heavy consumers of commercial and non-commercial TV, radio and print newspaper. 1 in 4 are also heavy internet users, spending over 20 hours online every week!

The analysis using both Veda and Nielsen information shows the big prizes for the marketing dollar. Australians over 40 are big spenders across a range of categories:

  • 43% say their next car is going to be ‘new’
  • 49% say they are going to undertake home renovations in the next 12 months
  • 24% spent over $150 inside a shopping centre in the past week
  • 41% say quality is more  important than price when they’re buying groceries/FMCG goods
  • 46% are planning on travelling domestically or internationally in the next 6-12 months.

With almost 60% of the total Australian population aged 40+, they’re a huge prize for advertisers and marketers that can’t be ignored.

Source: Nielsen National Consumer & Media View, Survey 2015 S08 (includes fused Veda metrics) Base: AU People 14+

Nielsen’s Consumer & Media View offers a treasure chest of insights about consumers and what makes them tick. Its comprehensive coverage genuinely gives a 360 degree view of the consumer across all areas of daily life. This information can be used to address business issues to help understand what motivates consumers or how they interact with different media. It can tell you exactly which websites your target consumers are visiting, the television programs they are watching, what they are reading or listening to, and this can be built into communications strategies and plans.

Veda (ASX:VED) is a data analytics company and the leading provider of credit information and analysis in Australia and New Zealand. From its core credit bureau business established in 1967, Veda has expanded to deliver a suite of credit and other analytical products targeted to consumers and specific industry segments.

Veda is built on the largest, most comprehensive and current data source in Australia and New Zealand with information on around 20 million credit active people and 5.7 million commercial entities. The breadth and depth of our data, and the knowledge it delivers help customers take a proactive and informed approach in making decisions.

Veda’s customers use data intelligence provided by Veda to make decisions on credit risk, verify identity and employee background, reduce identity theft and fraud, and undertake digital marketing strategies.