The Power of Context: Driving Brand Equity with Contextually-Relevant Advertising

The Power of Context: Driving Brand Equity with Contextually-Relevant Advertising

A publisher’s website, in many ways, frames the conversation between brands and consumers. This context is powerful and can have a meaningful impact on a brand’s campaign performance. Research conducted by Nielsen revealed that the context of the website, positively shifted brand metrics for automotive brands, to increase active recommendation by 50%.

The research examined and compared the campaign performance of automotive advertisers, both on the carsales network and in non-contextually relevant environments (e.g. news publisher websites), to better understand the effect that relevant context has on brand equity.

The research confirmed that the relevant context of carsales resulted in improved brand metrics for automotive brands appearing on the carsales network. It also delivered a significant increase in active recommendation, which is linked to strong market share performance.

Content marketing relies on distribution through many channels to reach the right audience to engage, and environment and authentic audience data are more critical to success than ever. As consumers’ digital experiences become more entangled with advertising, simply reaching the desired audience doesn’t mean the digital campaign will resonate and drive a reaction.

Advertisers who are focused on increasing how the consumer feels about their brand – an important phase of the funnel in moving the needle for brands – are likely to derive a benefit from advertising within relevant context.

Our research shows that relevance was important to help auto advertisers in their quest to drive active recommendations. Understanding how important context is for the category you advertise in can have a positive impact on your brand’s online campaign. To find out how the power of context can drive improved engagement levels for your brand or category, please contact your Nielsen representative.