Three Key Questions Marketers Need To Ask Themselves

Three Key Questions Marketers Need To Ask Themselves


It’s no secret that consumers are increasingly connected online, both in-and-out-of the home. In fact, eight-in-10 Australians now own a smartphone, and six-in-10 use this device to connect daily. Whether they are grocery shopping, watching sport, studying, commuting to work or connecting with friends – these activities are no longer purely offline experiences.

Connected Australians are increasingly engaging with online video via a smartphone. This creates additional opportunities to reach consumers, especially Millennials who watch on average around 1.5 hours of online video every week.

As access to mobile data plans get cheaper, Australians’ appetite for online video content and streaming more music out-of-home will no doubt increase. The rise in free Wi-Fi and hotspots in public places is also helping to facilitate this trend. Already today, two-in-five out-of-home connectors no longer primarily connect with their mobile carrier when outside the home – one-in-three actively search constantly for free Wi-Fi.

For marketers to reach and engage these evolving connected consumer, insights from Nielsen’s 2017 Australian Connected Consumers Report revealed three key questions marketers need to ask themselves to ensure they are maximising their advertising spend and connect with their consumers:

1. Do I have an in-home, multi-device plan?

The key device that holds Australian consumers attention throughout the day is the smartphone. But, as consumers enter the home in the evening, their attention becomes fragmented across devices.

Always ensure that you have an in-home multi-device media plan that allows your consumers to follow you from platform to platform. In the home Millennials and Generation X use three different devices on average. Even Baby Boomers & The Silent Generation are connected on average to two different devices while in the home.

2. What are my consumers doing that allows me to be more relevant?

Understanding your consumers beyond traditional target audiences such as age and gender is the key to success. Digging deeper into the interests, desires, lifestyles and needs of your consumers will put you in the best position to communicate with them in a way that is personal, engaging and relevant.

Did you know that in the past 12 months 40% of Australians are spending time connecting while in a retail environment? The high prevalence of out-of-home connectivity of the Millennials (52%), Generation X (46%) and Baby Boomers (33%) presents opportunities to engage with these consumers right before the point-of-purchase.

3. How can I personalise my messaging to reach my consumers out of home?

New technologies such as near-field communication is enabling you to target your consumers with more personalised content out of home. Using proximity marketing is a great way to influence your consumer’s decisions prior to purchase. One-in-three Australians have already been exposed to proximity based marketing communications or would be open to receiving personalised marketing messages when they are out of home. This is the case especially for Millennials who are 44% likely to be open to receiving these messages.

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About the Australian Connected Consumers Report

The Nielsen Australian Connected Consumers Report is a one-of-a-kind industry tool to guide your business’ marketing and media strategy in alignment with today’s connected consumers. The comprehensive insights and data sets provide your business with a unique ability to identify core audience segments and deep-dive into their device and cross-platform content consumption, purchase behaviours and influences, and the way they interact with brands.