Climbing The Ladder

Climbing The Ladder

Who Is At The Top Of the Rung At The End Of The Footy Season?

There are many ladders to look to when assessing the relative successes of teams in the 2018 footy season.

For the AFL, irrespective of who lifted the trophy on the last Saturday in September, the Swans have led the competition in terms of delivering the greatest regular season of TV audiences and are ranked number one as our nation’s favourite AFL team along with holding the highest percentage of avid team fans.  

Looking at the number of people who actually reached into their wallet to formalise their support for their team via membership, Richmond have led the league with 100,728 members in 2018. However, due to the intensity of AFL competition in the Melbourne market, Richmond’s broader fan base is ranked seventh. They’ve also put together a strong social engagement strategy which delivered the highest engagement across the AFL.

In the NRL, despite some boos for the Melbourne Storms on grand final day, they are the number one favourite NRL team for the Australian population.

The Broncos and Cowboys continued to be dominant in terms of cumulative TV audiences throughout the season. These teams absence in the grand final dampened the ultimate broadcast rating which delivered just over three million people nationally.

Despite the Storm’s loss on Sunday, their sponsors and management will have taken some solace from the performance of the brand exposure on their jersey. The Storm’s jersey delivered the highest media exposure value throughout the season. In a close second place were the Roosters who provided excellent exposure for their major partner Steggles.

When we look to the new world of social media, it’s one of the oldest teams that is leading the way.  One of the NRL’s foundation clubs, the Dragons, have ranked number one this year in terms of engagement.