Australian Online Landscape Review July 2012

Australian Online Landscape Review July 2012


In this July 2013 edition of the Nielsen Australian Online Landscape Review, we share the latest insights on Australia’s Connected Consumers; including market statistics, demographics, top performing major categories, brands and sectors and mobile device use.

In the month of July:

  • 17.2 million Australians accessed the internet and spent an average of 38 hours online across 60 sessions.
  • Australians spent 5 hours and 20 minutes watching online video and viewed 108 streams, as online audiences continue to increase their engagement across a wide range of content options and devices.
  • 40 billion minutes were spent online.
  • The average user spent 37 hours online spread across 60 sessions.
  • 31.8 billion pages were viewed online.


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Australian Online Landscape Review July 2012

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