Activating Big Data for Big Outcomes

Betting on winners and never losing might sound as fictional as a time-traveling DeLorean, but a panel at the recent Consumer 360 conference discussed strategies for using big data as an almanac that can lead to big business outcomes.

What Moves Today's Teenage Canadian Music Fan?

Canadian consumers love music, and they’re spending more time with it in more ways. This is particularly the case with Canadian teens. According to Nielsen’s Music 360 Canada report, teens report listening to 40% more music than they did in 2013. So what’s driving the surge?

Nielsen TV: The Polarization of the Canadian Consumer

When asked about the CPG space in Canada, Carman Allison summarizes the environment in one word: challenging. In a relatively flat growth market retailers and manufacturers are eager to cash in on the opportunities that do exist. And when we take a closer look, we see a polarization, where some...