2015 Canada Music Year-End Report

Aside from the excitement about Adele’s “25” at year-end, on-demand audio and video streaming continued to gain in popularity in 2015, posting growth rates of 83% and 102%, respectively. Vinyl also posted its 10th consecutive year of sales growth.

What Moves Today's Teenage Canadian Music Fan?

Canadian consumers love music, and they’re spending more time with it in more ways. This is particularly the case with Canadian teens. According to Nielsen’s Music 360 Canada report, teens report listening to 40% more music than they did in 2013. So what’s driving the surge?

Passenger is in the Driver’s Seat

Music and data live in two different universes, but they actually have more in common with one another than you might think. For example, they’re both all around us, have the power to drive change and can actually bring people closer together. And when data and music come together, the impact is...

Tunes Over Time: Seasonal Shifts In Music

By David Bakula, SVP Client Development, Nielsen Entertainment To everything there is a season, and the music industry is no different. From holiday hits to summer jams, music trends vary with the weather. And understanding such trends can be crucial to success for artists, retailers and labels. So...

How Are We Staying Entertained Through the Holiday Season?

Gone are the days of spending the holidays staring into the warm blaze of a crackling fireplace or gazing through the oven window to watch the sugar cookies rise. Today, we look elsewhere for our holiday entertainment. And as the year winds down, our consumption typically increases—whether it be...