Media Analytics

It’s the why behind the what. In other words, we pull together all the media touch points (the what) of a consumer’s media experience, related to all platforms, and then go behind the curtains to understand why they made certain purchase decisions and responded to content on individual or multiple media channels. Once we know that, we then can help you anticipate what they might do in the future.

How We Do It

Our media analytics services layer valuable insights on top of our leading syndicated data to deliver local or regional integrated information applicable to a wide range of industries including TV and digital, as well as for advertisers and agencies.

We focus on five key approaches for helping you grow your revenue:

  • Promotional optimisation
  • ROI
  • Cross-platform analytics
  • Emerging distribution
  • Advertising optimisation of spend

Unlock the true potential of your audience and improve the value of your platform(s) inventory for today and tomorrow.