Nielsen Switzerland consumer panel has enabled deep dive analyses of shopper behavior since 1999. It is delivering actionable insights in order to plan and adapt marketing and sales activities. Mid-2018 Nielsen consumer panel is going to become bigger and better by using state of the art technology.  

Mid-2018 Nielsen Switzerland consumer panel (CPS) is getting a full “make-over” Nielsen Switzerland is the global pilot market to launch the brand new CPS scanning app. It brings additional language options such as English and Italian, a better coverage of on-the-go categories as well as a better read on heavy products, which are often stored in the garage or the basement.   

At the same time 1,000 additional households will be added to the consumer panel sample, which is going to increase the sample size to 4,000 households. This makes it the 2nd biggest Nielsen consumer panel in Europe in relative terms. All those improvements are going to lead to more stable trends and a better read and coverage including non Nielsen cooperating retailers.  

The new panel contains new analyses and tools. There are “total basket” KPIs which allow interesting category benchmarks and psychographic analyses, which allow real buying behavior to be directly linked to the mind set  of consumers. For brands being active in sports sponsorship, the new Nielsen FanLinks feature provides a valuable enhancement. The tool combines the measured FMCG buying behaviour of Swiss households (CPS) with their interests and passions across sports.      

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