Secure Tomorrow’s Car Buyers Today

Secure Tomorrow’s Car Buyers Today

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of owning your own car. The ability to get from point A to point B without reliance on public transportation, friends or family creates feelings of both independence and pride. There is no doubt that people are passionate about car ownership—whether new or used, and new findings from Nielsen show how this passion will drive auto sales across the globe.

Affordability and need are central to the automotive purchase decision-making process, but changing population trends, rising wealth accumulation and growing aspirations are also helping to fuel new demand. This expansion represents good news for automakers, but understanding the motivational factors driving this demand is critical to reaching the right consumers for your products.

“Linking global automotive demand with consumer sentiments and media habits is vital to developing marketing strategies that connect the right consumers with the right automotive brands,” said Pat Gardiner, president of Nielsen Automotive. “The Asia-Pacific and Latin American regions, as expected, represent large areas of growth opportunity for the industry, but capturing this opportunity hinges on marketers successfully identifying, understanding and effectively connecting with the needs and desires of these buyers.”


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Secure Tomorrow’s Car Buyers Today

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