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E-Commerce Giant Alibaba Awards Nielsen Prestigious Silver Partner Award

E-commerce giant, Alibaba, recently awarded Nielsen China its Silver Partner Award—largely for the two companies’ collaboration on the New Offer Advisor solution introduced earlier this year.

New Offer Advisor—coupling Alibaba’s big data capabilities with Nielsen’s superior data analysis to offer the best business insights to clients via a digital platform—has broken new ground in innovation since its launch in April. Companies around the globe have eagerly been awaiting the joint innovation since Alibaba and Nielsen China began collaborating on New Offer Advisor in 2013. And more than 20 clients have purchased the solution in the less than four months it’s been available.

“The award is a testament to both companies’ innovative spirit and two years of tireless effort to bring something meaningful to the marketplace,” explained Nielsen China President Yan Xuan. “For Nielsen, this product enables us to bring a heightened level of expertise to local clients competing in the Greater China market, and it’s a solution that allows us to further transcend the CPG vertical.”

Client reception to New Offer Advisor has been striking. Around half of the clients that have seen the solution have committed, with household name multinational clients and more than a dozen others set to use New Offer Advisor to identify new product opportunities faster and to better understand unmet consumer need. Notably, more than half of the committed clients are local Greater China companies, opening the window for greater penetration within the region.

Yan Xuan continued, “Partnering with Alibaba for over two years has reinforced our determination to grow with the market, provide the most relevant insights and transform digitally.”