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Driving Progress in FMCG Data and Measurement In China

We recently announced a strategic framework agreement for comprehensive data cooperation with, one of China’s largest and fastest growing retailers, beginning January 2017.

This cooperation will allow us to work together to drive progress in big data and online fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) measurement. The partnership will bring an unparalleled standard of measurement through a holistic combination of online and offline data that will offer the most comprehensive level of sales coverage available. Manufacturer will now have a more detailed picture of sales volumes, pricing, merchandising and promotions than ever before.

“We’re extremely excited about our cooperation with’s FMCG business, a partnership that reinforces the ever-increasing importance of business information and analytics in today’s retail climate. Nielsen’s comprehensive understanding of consumers, along with‘s deep content and e-commerce capabilities, will combine to create a powerful resource for brands and marketers. Nielsen is confident that countless consumer goods manufacturers will benefit significantly from a more accurate read of the market and a clearer, combined view of what consumers buy both online, and offline,” said Yan Xuan, president of Nielsen greater China.

Carol Fung, vice president of and president of JD Mall’s FMCG Business, said:

“Through the cooperation with Nielsen, the two sides can effectively combine data on consumer level and brand sales level, and build a complete picture of Chinese consumers’ online and offline purchase behavior, thus creating valuable insight to guide brand manufacturers to grasp market opportunities, as well as enhancing brand competitiveness. Brands can now act on ground-breaking insights provided by this partnership to better identify opportunities and build the right strategies to grow their businesses.

She said that as one of the major e-commerce companies in China, would set its goal not only as a provider of market platforms for brand owners, but more importantly, it would put forward a platform on which all data could be recorded, analyzed, and finally turned into market insights, in order to help its business partners yield market success.

Around the world, today’s consumers are increasingly turning to e-commerce for their shopping needs. With retail fragmentation increasing, it’s more important than ever before for manufacturers and retailers to understand their consumers’ online habits, and we’re committed to helping them do so through our comprehensive measurement data.