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Nielsen Marries China Telecom’s Big Data to Help Brands Grow Online

Global information and measurement company Nielsen today announced the launch of TraffiOPTI, a cutting-edge innovation solution that can give manufacturers and brands an insightful understanding of online shopping habits of consumers from the world’s most populous country.

TraffiOPTI is a collaboration between Nielsen and China Telecom. By Leveraging online behavioral big data from China Telecom’s hundreds of millions registered users, TraffiOPTI is designed to help users better understand the online traffic to their products and official webpages, and it allows clients to recognize channels and media with higher efficiency. This ultimately helps brands optimize media plans and maximize their investments by using information from online consumers’ profiles, behavior and shopping performance at a brand or even item level.

In addition to traditional demographic information like age and gender, TraffiOPTI is capable of providing shoppers’ comprehensive behavioral profile based on their online activities, which enhances study dimensions and allows users to self-define shopper groups.

“As the world’s leading information and insights provider, Nielsen always looks for new and strong data sources to enrich our service portfolio. Big data from China Telecom certainly acts as a vital addition for us,” said Yan Xuan, president of Nielsen Greater China.

 “Nielsen has already provided clients with data on the online shopping habits of Chinese consumers, but the integration with China Telecom’s data will allow us to provide the market a much more granular and in-depth look at consumers’ online consumption habits, which are valuable insights for brands.”

Jin Jianfeng, general manager of Shanghai Telecom emerging business operations management department, said: “TraffiOPTI, a big data product jointly launched by China Telecom and Nielsen, is a win-win result between collaboration of two companies, which is also a big step forward for China Telecom’s going-digital campaign in this ‘Internet plus’ era. “

He said last year China Telecom and Nielsen jointly launched NCA (Nielsen Consumer Activation), a product sales and operating system. After a year’s cooperation on this big data product, China Telecom has formed a close collaborative R&D mechanism with Nielsen, which ultimately allowed the data analyzing capability of China Telecom and the superb modeling ability of Nielsen to surpass competitors and win favor from more clients, indicating huge commercial value of big data from China Telecom. Meanwhile, Nielsen has become a trustworthy and reliable collaborator to China Telecom, allowing the two companies to work together on strategic big data research and a unique development approach.

TraffiOPTI, which full name is Traffic Optimizer. Just as its name suggests, it could help manufacturer use information on the pathway that shoppers take through web pages on China Telecom sites to help them optimize their own sales attempts. It can help brands in four ways.

Path to Purchase provides specific indicators to showcase the product’s performance throughout users’ online shopping journey. It also provides an integrated review of watch and buy as it is capable of showing what media shoppers had been exposed to; Sales Attribution evaluates the importance of each invested media channels with the help of Nielsen’s sophisticated modeling technology; Consumer Segmentation provides detailed shopper profile and suggestions for activation based on their online behaviors. More importantly, the dimensions can be used as segmentation criteria for the other modules, saying that a separate path to purchase and sales attribution analysis can be conducted in a certain group of buyers instead of total population; Total Market Volume Forecast brings something totally different from what the market research world currently offers. With the valuable data provided by China Telecom, TraffiOPTI is able to provide forecast with solid data support, and combined estimated volume of both online and offline market, which is truly one of its kind in the market.

“Combining the robust single source data (non-aggregated data) of over 100 million PC and Mobile users and Nielsen’s sophisticated modeling technology, TraffiOPTI is a great example of leveraging big data in the market research domain, and can provide brands sales solution using advanced modeling technique such as sales attribution,” said Yan Xuan.

China Telecom spoke highly of this relationship with Nielsen and believes users can benefit from using this tool.

“We believe TraffiOPTI will be a great help for brands, manufacturers and marketers, as it shed more light on Chinese shopping habits, enables them to understand how consumers receive their brand messages so as to adjust their sales strategy accordingly. It is extremely helpful to maximize their return on investment,” said Wei Jing, general manager of Shanghai Telecom mobile internet unit.