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Nielsen to Measure Unilever’s Digital Campaign Audience in China

Global information and measurement company Nielsen today announced that Unilever China, a multinational consumer goods giant, has joined the growing tide of advertisers using Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings to measure their effectiveness in reaching digital campaign audiences.

Under the agreement, Nielsen will use Digital Ad Ratings to measure campaign audience for Unilever’s extensive online TV investments across its full portfolio of brands.

“We’re proud that Unilever has selected Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings for its measurement of campaign audience. Nielsen will help to ensure that Unilever’s brand messages reach the right people to maximize return on investment. We look forward to continued collaboration,” said Del Levin, vice-president of Nielsen China.

Digital Ad Ratings is a game-changing collaboration between Nielsen and Tencent, which utilizes Tencent’s 832 million active registered QQ accounts (one of China’s most popular Internet-based instant messaging tools) as a panel from which Nielsen projects audience in terms of age, gender and city.

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings provides a comprehensive, next-day view of an ad’s online and mobile audience in a way comparable to the Nielsen TV ratings. Powered by the largest user databases and the highest quality panel in the world, Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings is setting a new industry standard for digital audience measurement.

“The power of Tencent’s single source view across PC and smartphones enables advertisers to finally see the true number of people seeing the ad on one or more devices instead of counting the number of cookies,” said Del Levin.

“The birth of Digital Ad Ratings is great news for advertisers, who can now understand more clearly their effectiveness in reaching target audience.  This will give companies like ours the confidence to invest even more in digital advertising,” said David Porter, Media Director of Unilever North Asia. “Using Nielsen’s revolutionary technology will give Unilever unparalleled visibility of online audiences on computers, tablets and smartphones across publishers where Unilever video advertising is played.”

Digital Ad Ratings was launched in China in May 2015. The solution was initially introduced in 2011 in the U.S. and will provide a view of campaign audiences across online and mobile devices in 25 markets by the end of 2016.