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Nielsen to Measure Sport Sponsorship Effectiveness in China

Beijing — March 14, 2017 —The world’s leading measurement company, Nielsen, announced today that it has successfully introduced the sports marketing platform SponsorLink, or SLINK, from the US to China. The platform has the potential to push ahead China’s sport development by enriching measurement and data availability, so as to help brands get a clearer picture of the habits of Chinese sport consumers and how people respond to sponsors in sport.

Before launching in China, SLINK has been running in a number of other countries for over ten years. SLINK’s arrival in China will further complement its database, allowing for additional research capabilities within the sports industry.

According to Vishal Bali, managing director of Nielsen China, the broadcasting industry has undergone significant changes and growth thanks China’s population rise and socio-economic development, with sponsorship around the globe climbing from 35 billion USD in 2010 to 60 billion USD in 2016.

“In recent years, China’s sport industry has shown immense growth as consumers are becoming more conscious about physical exercise, health and entertainment. Social media and online platforms have made it easier than ever to share and compete digitally with friends and family with similar sporting interests. We expect to see this trend continue, and further drive growth within the sport and sponsorship industry,” said Bali

Despite the apparent opportunity for growth, many sport brands and investors are curious about the return on investment for sponsorship deals and how they can maximize the reach and influence of sponsorship deals.

Nielsen’s SLINK platform seeks to provide an all-round analysis of consumers’ knowledge and attitude towards sport sponsorship. It gives answers to questions, such as “How many sport fans are there in China? What kind of sport do they prefer?” “What are the features of fans of different sports? What do they focus their attention on in life and in sports?” “What are their attitudes towards sport sponsorship?” “How much impression does sponsorship leave on them? Will it change what consumers watch and buy?” as well as many others.

“We see SLINK as a crucial step in better understanding China’s sports market. It allows us to create a clearer picture of how consumers react to sporting events and sponsorship, which is essential for brands that are looking to measure their investments drive growth within this dynamic space,” said Bali.


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