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Nielsen China Launches a Disruptive Big Data Business Solution

As the era of big data approaches, modern business is undergoing a revolution. Nielsen, a global leading measurement and data analytics company, has launched IntelliGEO, a big data business solution, to allow brands and retailers rapidly understand the market and make efficient decisions. This solution integrates Nielsen’s information on retailing sales and retail stores with other data sources, fully connecting people, goods and stores. With market information, channel refinement and smart stores, IntelliGEO provides an all-round insight into business landscape to offer the best solution for the development of China’s retail market.

“The offline market witnesses reconstruction among people, goods and stores, which greatly challenges marketing management,” said Tina Ding, Vice President of Nielsen China, “as a bridge connecting data and business, Nielsen seeks to settle our clients’ business challenges by enhancing data insight with leading technologies and releasing effective data solutions. Combining our retail data with many data resources, IntelliGEO can offer more comprehensive, refined and in-depth insights into consumers, products, channels and store management. It will enable brands and retailers to grasp the market landscape, open Black Box of offline retails, and escape market myths in the new era of retail.”

Research show that 59% of companies have established the big data department in China; nearly 30% of companies make a plan for the next year (27%); and 35% of companies have applied big data to management, 23% of companies plan to do so. However, only 1% of big data has been effectively used. How to commercialize data is Nielsen’s permanent theme. The disruptive IntelliGEO with 6 functional highlights can interpret data per grid, supporting brands and retailers to make offline business decisions:

  1. Industry-leading full coverage: it covers the Chinese mainland, including modern channels and traditional food and grocery channels, restaurants, bars and gyms. And the main categories of Nielsen Retail Research are included.
  2. Connection among people, goods and stores: far beyond simple overlay of consumers, sales and offline retail context, the deep correlation among them is established based on data modeling and business insights, so as to truly fuse and leverage relevant data.
  3. Elastic and scalable data granularity: various research requirements from provincial level to specific stores can be satisfied.
  4. Customized data indicators: 1000+ key indicators cover portraits, abundant FMCG sales and complete surrounding information to cross filter data about people, cargoes and stores.
  5. Everlasting dynamic tracking: carry out constant tracking with full coverage and across time frames.
  6. Open platform with Interaction and integration of customer data: combine customers’ data with Nielsen platform data to make targeted analysis on customers’ cases.

Tina Ding added: “We believe IntelliGEO is a strong tool to business decision makers. Through clear information on people, goods and stores on the platform, it helps them easily and timely learn about the whole market, resulting in efficient market decisions and resource allocation. Nielsen will constantly invest in big data and improve data insights analysis capability to achieve smarter and more efficient big data applications with customers.”