Neuro Ad Testing

When time is money, every second counts. Our brains react to marketing in milliseconds. They’re so in tune with what’s going on around us that the feelings that guide our behavior exist within our subconscious well before we’re even aware of them. Since time is of the essence, it’s important to pinpoint which aspects of your marketing materials are the most provocative. Through our comprehensive, consumer neuroscience research, we do just that.

By studying people at their most fundamental level—by measuring brainwaves—we provide a real-time view of their subconscious reactions. Using proprietary technology that applies neuroscientific techniques to market research, we provide insight into every aspect of your marketing material. We measure real-time responses at both the conscious and subconscious levels, resulting in specific and actionable recommendations that can be implemented immediately.

The value of this research extends across the marketing spectrum—from ads to aisles and from food to finance. Our work for a broad cross-section of Fortune 100 category leaders speaks for itself, demonstrating the value that consumer neuroscience can have for virtually every business.

What we measure

Nielsen offers groundbreaking consumer neuroscience solutions in Innovation and Marketing Effectiveness, adding measurement of the subconscious mind to Nielsen’s complete understanding of the consumer. Our custom research can be applied across channels and throughout the creative process to optimize marketing touchpoints and improve your brand’s resonance with consumers. Our services include:

  • Advertising Effectiveness:
    • Copy testing: Understand ad engagement by the second.
    • Ad compression: Shorten ads while increasing effectiveness and reducing media spend.
  • Innovation:
    • Package testing: Develop effective packaging by pinpointing which elements resonate the most with your consumers.
    • In-store testing: Optimize in-store placement strategies for your product to maximum results.
    • Brand essence: Understand subconscious associations with your brand.
  • Total Consumer Experience: Taste, touch, tone, time—they’re all part of the product experience. Discover key points of engagement as consumers interact with your product.

How we do it

We use two complementary techniques for testing. Our EEG (electroencephalography) technology uses a non-invasive cap that measures brainwave activity, while eye-tracking sensors simultaneously measure pupil movement.

Together, these technologies identify areas of focus and people’s precise responses to them, providing an unparalleled understanding of how consumers perceive your marketing material.

Our team

Our cross-disciplinary team is composed of world-class experts in business management and neuroscience. They hold a variety of degrees in neuroscience and business, and some hold both. Globally, we have over a dozen neuroscientists on staff, and they’ve published dozens of peer-reviewed articles and have countless years of neuroscience experience under their belts.

At our labs around the world, our client service teams and neuroscientists work closely to ensure that our testing adheres to the strictest scientific standards.

Outside of the lab, Nielsen is supported by our Science Advisory Board. Its members hail from the world’s leading academic institutions and, together, we invest in R&D efforts that affect both our clients and our communities.