Pre-store Planning and Store Location Analytics

Nowadays, marketers face ongoing challenges as they seek to turn shoppers into brand buyers. As channels and technology evolve, many touch points can activate the shopper’s journey in The Last Mile—both pre-store and in-store. Successful marketing strategies should include initiatives at the pre-store stage to ensure that all in-store tactics be focused on customer relationship management principles and turn more shoppers into buyers.

When a marketer thinks about smart marketing spend, they need to answer:

  • Which pre-store motivations should I invest in?
  • How should I balance my above-the-line and below-the-line marketing investments?
  • Which contact points should I prioritize and ignite that will lead to transactions?
  • What information should I communicate in the pre-store stage?

Nielsen provides a shopper insight-based approach that will help you win the battle for shopper’s attention in pre-store engagement stage by:

  • Identifying your shoppers and influencers for pre-store marketing strategies.
  • Determining if your category is plan or impulse driven.
  • Identifying pre-store and in-store purchase triggers and their importance.
  • Determining if your brand is activating shoppers pre-store or in-store.
  • Uncover how shoppers gather and evaluate information, plan their trips and prepare before they leave for the store.
  • Understanding the pre-store touch points and their influence.

By integrating pre-store planning with in-store shopper activation in your marketing strategy, you will have actionable insights into how to motivate and steer your shoppers in your direction and grow your business with improved performance at store, category and brand level.