For decades, we have served as a respected advisor to many of the world’s best consumer-facing firms. No other company knows innovation and concept testing like Nielsen–we can predict the probability of launching a winning product.

Our highly accurate process, modelled on over 30 years’ testing across more than 200,000 initiatives worldwide, identifies which factors will lead your new product to market success. In fact, we have validated around 2,000 of our initiative tests over the years and have found the variance between our volume forecasts pre-launch versus what actually happened in the market is within just +/-9 percent.

Our experience tracking thousands of product campaigns combined with our trusted experts and comprehensive suite of solutions will help you differentiate your product, ultimately paving the way for a winning and sustainable launch.

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How We Do It

Identify winners early and fast.

Prioritize your best ideas for to make decisions faster and bring better initiatives to market.

Think you have a good product on your hands? We can help you know for sure.

From your initial concept to the final product, know how consumers are reacting to ensure your new products find success at market.


Raise your marketing efficiency by identifying, understanding, and locating your best consumers where they live and shop.

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