Nielsen Academy is an initiative by Nielsen Global Connect

in collaboration with FEPS Business Incubator since 2016 

This is the 3rd round of the program in Egypt with a long list of graduates who have all kick-started their careers with Nielsen and other companies, empowered by the knowledge they accumulated during the course. 

The program is made up of 14 sessions,  designed to provide both a theoretical and practical education on the Market Research Industry. The course exposes participants to the market reality and offers them a deeper understanding of consumer behavior. 

Participants have the chance to improve their leadership, analytical thinking and presentation skills.

Upon the successful completion of the program, students will receive a certificate and some of them will have the opportunity to join Nielsen for a full-time position.


  • Faculty of Economics and Political Science (English and French sections)
  • Faculty of Commerce (English section and Georgia State University Program)
  • Faculty of Mass Communication (English Section)
  • Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence.


  • How we measure Business performance and Consumer Behaviour
  • How Market Research benefits Business
  • How to improve your analytical thinking skills
  • Qualities of being a good leader
  • How to work and collaborate with team members


  • Learn about the market research industry.
  • Improve your analytical and leadership skills.
  • Receive a certificate from Nielsen, the global leading Company in market research upon the completion of the program.
  • Widen up your network and deal with experts from different managerial levels.
  • Opportunity to get a job at Nielsen!