Nielsen Ireland Fresh report – April 2013

Nielsen Ireland Fresh report – April 2013

Fresh foods make up 56% of total grocery spending in Ireland. Findings from the Nielsen Global Survey of Fresh Foods revealed that 67% of Irish respondents said they have at least three servings a day of fresh fruit and vegetables, highlighting that fresh is still a critical component of the weekly shop.

While fresh is important, it’s not immune to price pressures or quality issues. Price fluctuations are driven by supply and demand, adverse weather conditions, seasonality and industry issues (for example the recent horse meat crisis), and all can produce challenges for retailers. Understanding consumer demand is a critical link to building successful strategies to improve both loyalty and profit margins. As the impact of economic pressures persist and shoppers continue to shop around, it is critically important to understand where consumers go for a lower price option and where they are willing to trade up because they perceive the value to be worth it. Freshness, quality, good value for money and importantly, the human connection are all factors that will keep customers coming back for more. 


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Nielsen Ireland Fresh report – April 2013

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