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At Nielsen, division Media Planning, we develop creative analytical solutions to support companies in the optimization of their marketing and communications budgets. Analytical and econometric approaches form the backbone of these solutions, answering questions like "What media mix works best to communicate my brand message?”, “What budget should I invest in media and marketing?". Our software tools and other decision-support solutions combine market research, data, modelling results and technical business intelligence.



In this position, you contribute to the successful implementation of our software solutions for advertisers, media owners and media agencies. Our solutions help these companies in making decisions around their marketing communication budgets. Based upon research data combined with analytical and econometric approaches our solutions answer questions like "What budget is needed to generate an increase of 10% in brand preference? What media mix contributes the most to the revenue?"

You will be working in (small) teams on preparing the market research data for use in our software, and on the execution and implementation of projects. This involves setting up surveys, analysing data, automating processes, designing a good way to integrate data (survey data, modelling and industry knowledge) into our software tools. We expect you to have a keen eye to automate and improve processes. . In your role, you will act as a liaison between various parts of our business: analytics, internal clients and software development, and have a chance to be involved in the entire project from client request and solution design to tool delivery and training.



  • Bachelor or Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics (BSc), Business Informatics, Statistics or similar with an emphasis on data;
  • 0-2 years of experience;
  • Result-driven mentality and affinity with data and research;
  • Affinity with software and quantitative techniques;
  • Experience with Excel and coding (in python) knowledge is a plus;
  • Analytical thinking combined with a good eye for details and social communication skills;
  • Fluent in English (speaking and writing);
  • Residing in The Netherlands.


  • Competitive salary and benefits 
  • Personal and professional development opportunities 
  • Flexibility in working hours and location 
  • Exciting projects and clients 
  • An open, respectful and multicultural atmosphere 
  • Time for socialising and fun 
  • In the office: A Football and a Ping-pong table, and Friday afternoon drinks (every Friday)
  • Daily fruit snacks
  • Reimbursement of travelling expenses
  • Working from home
  • Weekly team stand-ups and frequent online project meetups
  • Regular online team lunches and events
  • Support with home office equipment
  • 25 days of paid leave