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Oxford – UK

Imagine working closely with the world’s biggest video game publishers, hardware manufacturers, and marketers to help them better understand the video gaming audience and to achieve success in creating and marketing products that evolve with the fast-paced gaming category. With best-in-class research and predictive analytical tools, the Nielsen BASES team is uniquely positioned to consult with clients and provide insights and intelligence to drive more effective decision making.

A Research Analyst executes custom consumer research, concept testing, and forecasting, developing an expertise that they can use to advise clients on marketing and product launch plans. The ideal candidate will possess knowledge of and passion for the video game industry.


  • Participate in research proposal and design, specifically focused on forecasting
  • Execute marketing research studies by compiling, quality checking, analyzing, and interpreting marketing research data
  • Understand and analyze in-market data and other available Nielsen data to inform forecasts and adjust model outputs appropriately
  • Execute validations, launch management and/or tracking 
  • Generate initial draft of forecast results, analyzes, and reports, summarizing outcomes, conclusions and recommendations in a concise, client-friendly manner
  • Participate in client meetings and presentations as needed
  • Execute marketing research studies by contributing to consumer survey content in addition to compiling, analyzing and interpreting market research data, writing client reports and constructing presentations
  • Develop concept tests for client communication, marketing optimization and go to market strategy
  • Maintain client communication and obtain all necessary inputs to create marketing plans

With your analytical skills and ability to explain complex results in a client-friendly manner, you can understand our clients’ most pressing needs and deliver the forecasts and reports that will meet them. Your knowledge of market research and forecasting, strength in project management, and passion for gaming will enable you to conduct insightful, tailored marketing research studies for our clients. 


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Passion for gaming industry
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Knowledge of statistics, research techniques, and experimental procedures
  • Knowledge of marketing research
  • Analytical skills
  • Attention to detail and ability to deliver high quality results
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Project management and organizational skills