Nielsen Data Controllers and Processors

This page identifies the Nielsen operating companies (including subsidiaries and joint ventures) that work together to provide Nielsen’s services around the world. In the language of privacy laws, all of these companies may be “data controllers” or “data processors” depending on the specific activities they perform. For instance, where a Nielsen company enters into a panelist agreement with an individual, it acts as a data controller. But where data collected by one Nielsen company is stored in a data center owned by a different Nielsen company, that second company acts as a data processor. Regardless of which role a company is playing at any time, all Nielsen companies must follow our global privacy and information security policies, to ensure that we are consistent in how we protect data, and to comply with privacy requirements around the world.

To contact any of the entities listed below (or submit privacy questions or concerns), you can write to:

From EU Countries:

ATTN: Legal Dept.
Nielsen House
Oxford Business Park South
John Smith Drive
Oxford OX4 2WB

From Other Countries:

ATTN: Legal Dept.
85 Broad Street
New York, NY 10004

Privacy questions can also be submitted by email to: