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In the U.K.’s last parliament, the government delivered more than 2.3 million apprenticeships to young people eager to gain real-world work experience. With this latest approval, the government is well on its way to delivering the 3 million apprenticeships it has promised by 2020. And Nielsen is more than doing its share along the way, as it will add 12 new apprenticeships in the U.K. by this fall.

To ensure that the apprenticeships are meaningful and relevant, the government has enlisted the help of “Trailblazers,” groups of employers that help design and codify apprenticeship standards. This month, Minister of State for Skills Nick Boles MP announced that Nielsen is leading one of the 26 new Trailblazer groups approved by the government.

After a successful launch of a Level 5 Apprenticeship in Business Innovation and Growth in 2014, Nielsen U.K. submitted an expression of interest to the Department of Business Innovation and Skills to lead this Apprenticeship ongoing. The submission was successful, and Nielsen has built a stakeholder committee of 10 employers across a wide range of industries to work with us in defining the standards and scope of this apprenticeship.

With this latest round of approvals, Nielsen joins hundreds of employers such as Pinewood Studios, Rolls Royce and British Telecom in developing new apprenticeships.

Nielsen will be leading the trailblazer group, Level 5 Apprenticeship in Innovation and Growth, which will focus on the skills required for driving business growth through innovation. Nielsen’s efforts will build on the success of the current Level 5 Apprenticeship in Innovation and Growth, launched in 2014 by the Peter Jones Foundation. Nielsen employs eight apprentices in the current Level 5 group and will add another 12 throughout its offices in Oxford and London in September.

Nielsen will develop the apprenticeship around the role of Innovation and Growth, and Associate responsibilities will include:

  • Supporting growth initiatives at a tactical and strategic level.
  • Identifying opportunities to innovate either through new products and services to meet client need, developing new processes to deliver efficiencies or growth opportunities, and finding new ways of working to enhance employee experiences.
  • Working alongside senior management to understand how businesses operate, what imperatives need to be considered when developing growth strategies and identifying the part that innovation plays within this.

Nielsen is committed to offering employment support and opportunities to young people within the local community. Involvement within Trailblazer Apprenticeships is the latest step in this ambition.