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Nielsen Brandbank Gains GS1 Recognition for Providing Quality-Certified Health & Beauty Data in the Netherlands

Data quality and trust are a huge part of Nielsen’s value proposition, which is why Nielsen is thrilled to announce that Nielsen Brandbank is the first data management service to be recognized by GS1, a global non-profit standards organization, for its ability to capture data certified for quality within the health and beauty sector in the Netherlands. 

GS1, the organization that brought us the bar code and other numbering systems for the retail industry, exists to bring efficiency and transparency to the supply chain. Part of its mission is to ensure that all companies use a common language for products and maintain the same quality standards. 

For retailers in the Netherlands, requiring GS1-certified product information from manufacturers is a mandatory requirement to ensure data quality. Through this offering, Nielsen is licensed to help manufacturers provide retailers certified health and beauty product data, including label information, logistics and product images, which abides by GS1-industry standards and requirements.

With health and beauty products increasingly purchased online in the Netherlands, the ability to provide GS1-certified data is a must for manufacturers. Without it, their products won’t be accepted into retailers’ e-commerce ecosystem and sizeable revenue opportunities will be missed.

Nielsen’s new GS1-quality certification takes the complexity out of providing quality health and beauty product data to retailers. Manufacturers that work with Nielsen Brandbank are able to efficiently provide certified product information to retailers so that they can quickly get their products online.

Pictured above: The Nielsen Brandbank Benelux & GS1 Netherlands Teams