Mr Christophe CAMBOURNAC, Nielsen Europe President, and Mr YAN Xuan, Nielsen Greater China President, have welcomed Luxury Industry experts at Maison du Danemark, Paris on March 26.

Who are these changing Chinese consumers? When they purchase luxury goods during their travels, how do they plan and what is influencing them? What is in their basket and how much do they spend? How is their perception of Luxury evolving? What are the reasons for success of local brands? Watch again the conference of March 26 through the video below (or through this link) and download the deck (top right of the page). Other material and video available below on the page.


2 videos were displayed at the event, watch them below.

Video: Chinese Consumers in 2014

Video: e-commerce in China.


  • Les Echos: “When the Chinese convert to discreet luxury.” March 26, 2015.
  • BFM Business. “China Weekly” of 28 March 2015. Interview with Laurence Besançon from 14’20 ”, followed by Hermes / Shang Xia.


YAN Xuan, Nielsen Greater China President.

Appointed in June 2011, Mr YAN leads Nielsen’s business initiatives in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. He is also Member of the Board at Alibaba Health.

Before joining Nielsen, Yan Xuan spent close to two decades in China in senior and executive positions with leading global companies such as AT&T, Microsoft, Oracle and Qualcomm.

Trained as a U.S. lawyer, Yan Xuan has had an accomplished career in leading sales, business development, strategic investment and government affairs.

Yan Xuan has served on several Boards of Directors. He was Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of American Chamber of Commerce in China as well as a member of the Board of Directors of USITO, an association of the leading U.S. IT companies. Yan Xuan also served as a Director or Vice Chairman on the Board of Directors of several U.S. – China telecom equipment and software joint ventures.

Born, raised and university educated in China, Yan Xuan went to the U.S. in the early ’80s as a Richard M. Nixon Scholar and received his J.D. from Duke University School of Law. He attended the Harvard Business School Advanced Management Program in 2000.

LUM Yvonne, VP Luxury & Tourism, Nielsen Hong Kong.

Appointed as Vice President, Consumer Insights of Nielsen Hong Kong in March 2012. She is responsible for overseeing the business development and growth of the Consumer Insights division in Hong Kong and provides leadership direction to the business.

Ms. LUM is a seasoned researcher in both qualitative and quantitative research across various capabilities and industries. During her time with Nielsen Hong Kong, China and Japan, Ms. LUM has ensured that Nielsen continues to forge strong relationships with key clients in a number of industries including luxury, tourism, finance, CPG, telecommunication, automotive etc… She worked with luxury brands like DeBeers, Forevermark, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Lane Crawford, Emperor Jewelry, Chow Tai Fook on branding, compliance & mystery shopper studies.  Cosmetics clients include Fresh, Bobbi Brown, Clarins, Origins, Neoderm, L’Oreal & Estee Lauder.

Ms. LUM delivered seminars on understanding the consumption trends of Mainland shoppers since 2008. She also had articles published in newspapers (tourism & luxury) as well as a thought-leadership whitepaper on luxury trend in Asia (2013). Ms LUM has been interviewed by local media (radio and TV) like Pearl Report and Money Magazine, about topics pertaining to mainland travelers as well as luxury consumption in Hong Kong.

Prior to joining Nielsen, Ms. LUM worked for Research International in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Ms. Lum is a graduate of the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor Degree of Arts majoring in Sociology and Japanese Studies.

Nielsen Team


Insights are based on all sources of information available at Nielsen – notably 2 syndicated studies:

1 | Nielsen Chinese Travelers Buying Luxury

A complementary copy of Nielsen Chinese Travelers Buying Luxury – 2014 report – have been given to participants

Are the Chinese travelers buying luxury goods overseas? What is their perception of “luxury” in 2014? What do they buy overseas? Where do they go to buy luxury? In which country?

  • Did they prepare their purchase? What is the main source of influence in the shopping preparation stage? Do they use social media platforms to prepare their shopping list?
  • Where do they prefer to shop for luxury overseas? Which channel? • Are they buying luxury online?
  • In the next 12 months do they plan to travel and shop differently?

Understanding luxury shopping general habits and awareness

  • Luxury Brands Awareness and Favorite Brands
  • Feelings, emotion and key words linked to luxury
  • Frequency of purchase by category abroad
  • Travel Patterns and future planned destinations

Luxury Purchase Abroad – Preparation and Selection

  • Main purchase plan methods before travelling
    What are the most important sources of information and their perceived reliability
    Brand engagement on social media, and main activities on Luxury brands social media pages

Focus on their last Luxury Purchase Experience abroad and future intention of purchase

  • Overview on the last luxury purchase abroad: Category, brands, destination, spend estimation
  • Channel selection, benefits and reasons to visits different kind of Channels
  • Intention of purchase Luxury overseas in next 12 months
  • On-line channel perception and intention of purchase


Online interviews of 1000 Male and Female Mainland Chinese travellers aged 18-55 from 4 segmented geographic regions North-East-South-West, who…

  • Have purchased luxury items out of China in the past 12 months
  • ​Have travelled overseas for leisure over the past 12 months and are planning a trip overseas for leisure in the coming 12 months

Field dates: 14th to 22nd August 2014

2 | Nielsen Korean Beauty Brands Study

Objectives: Understand the success of Korean Beauty brands amongst consumers from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Singapore and how they compare to established International brands.

General Perception and Motivations
• Socio-Cultural Analysis to understand influence of K-Pop and Korean culture on perception and Skin-care consumption
• General perception of Korean beauty
• Korean beauty brands awareness and image

Beauty Routine and Purchase journey
• Usage and purchase frequency
• Reasons to buy, product benefits
• Shopping experience : purchase preparation and channels
• Beauty basket composition, budget and future shopping

Online interviews among N= 1,900 Female aged 18-55 from: (N=1,000) Mainland China, (N=300) Hong Kong, (N=300) Taiwan, (N=300) Singapore.
Field dates: 17th to 28th December 2014.