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As a Media Analyst at Nielsen, you’ll help create, build, and maintain relationships with clients. It’s a people person’s dream.



  • Maintain a client service orientation by managing day-to-day administration of client service and have a strong passion to reach out to clients or develop new business.
  • Maintain an accurate, complete, up-to-date and insightful client business profiles to be shared with senior management
  • Be directly accountable for work conducted for their nominated clients in terms of analysis, charting, performing quality checks on all reports for alignment to request accuracy and correctness
  • Visiting existing clients constantly and developing potential clients
  • Co-work with team members and join global projects regularly



  • 客戶服務: 媒體數據解讀,客戶軟體教學,並處理客戶軟體安裝與操作問題
  • 資料數據分析整理與客戶簡報: 分析並產出報告,定期簡報與輪值部門月刊
  • 負責既有客戶夥伴關係之經營及開發新客戶/新業務
  • 協助部門事務: 協助同事與團隊合作,參與專案小組


Qualifications and Skills:

  • BA / BS above Required
  • 1-2 years media industry/ digital media/ marketing industry related experience desired
  • Great passion for media research industry
  • Familiar with research design and good analytical skill
  • Strong passion to reach out new events and innovation thinking
  • Well management of work-life balance
  • Fluent communication in English



  • 大學學歷或以上
  • 具1~2年的工作經驗
  • 具媒體經驗或數位廣告操作經驗
  • 英文程度中上
  • 具統計相關概念者尤佳



  • 主動積極,善溝通
  • 團隊意識強
  • 良好的簡報技巧
  • 對開發新業務感興趣
  • 能妥善安排時間


About the Team:
The Global Nielsen Media Client Service & Sales team provides modern and effective services that meet client needs quicker, while giving Nielsen more control over how we service our clients. We will create capacity to elevate the work we do with clients to focus on market impact and business growth. We are at the forefront of customer experience and become an agent of change as we embrace automation to navigate the complex needs of our industry and continue to be the industry leader. 


About Nielsen:
As the arbiter of truth, Nielsen Global Media fuels the media industry with unbiased, reliable data about what people watch and listen to. To discover what’s true, we measure across all channels and platforms⁠—from podcasts to streaming TV to social media. And when companies and advertisers are armed with the truth, they have a deeper understanding of their audiences and can accelerate growth. 


Do you want to move the industry forward with Nielsen? Our people are the driving force. Your thoughts, ideas and expertise can propel us forward. Whether you have fresh thinking around maximizing a new technology or you see a gap in the market, we are here to listen and take action. Our team is made strong by a diversity of thoughts, experiences, skills, and backgrounds. You’ll enjoy working with smart, fun, curious colleagues, who are passionate about their work. Come be part of a team that motivates you to do your best work