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Job Description


This role is accountable for the execution of all tasks particularly related to R/RES & Census back-office validations, ad-hoc projects, and analyzing data collection for the market in scope partnering with other teams (where applicable), and other E2E departments, to ensure quality and on-time delivery.

●      Accountable for the flawless execution of non-bau validation (RRES/Adhoc Projects) and data collection queries, and provide accurate, actionable information.

●      Improve harmonization and enable better engagement between GDA, GO, Data Science during data collections queries investigation.

●      Supports the DCI Manager to eliminate redundancies and duplication of efforts, reduction of heavy manual processes, to rapidly respond to business demands and contribute to an optimized end-to-end operations model.

●      Participates in regional/global company initiatives as required, from GDA and other functions.

●      Investigate data inquiries / challenges with local teams, and engaging with related stakeholders to identify root cause.

●      Accountable for the creation and maintenance the countries's specific documentation, as appropriate.

●      Regularly monitor and escalate to DCI Sub-Regional Manager when no-compliance is experienced.


You’re looking for a career with room to grow and the training that’ll set you up for success. You possess logical & system thinking. You are excellent in communication skills with the ability to work well individually as well as a team. Also, you are responsible and good at problem solving skill. Be able to work under pressure and timeliness


●      B.S. or B.A., preferably in a statistical, mathematical, or technical field.

●      Fresh graduates or 1+ years of quantitative analysis work experience (preferably).

●      Working knowledge of relevant programming language and database structures. Advanced Excel proficiency

●      Ability to work in a cross-functional environment with several interacting teams.

●      Excellent analytical skills and attention to detail.

●      Able to work in an individual and/or team setting.

●      Ability to adapt to changes in real-time, make critical decisions and ensure plans are going per schedule.

●      Problem solving – must be able to stay calm under pressure and look for solution of unexpected problems. Important to figure out solution quickly.

●      Good judgement, when it comes time to make an important decision must be able to understand the potential costs and benefits of the choice at hand.

●      Excellent communication skills.

●      Intermediate English level (written and oral)