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Job Description


Responsible for project execution of Qualitative studies: setting-up,  planning, coordinating with our internal Operations, and coordinating with clients. He/She will also help develop the reporting framework,  do report writing, and eventually make sound recommendations that answer the research objectives and report presentation.



Familiarize & become adept with A to Z processes of projects; juggling, coordinating different aspects & parties involved (project management skill)

  • To be able to handle project management with minimal supervision

  • Preparation of 90% ready to be submitted to client screeners

  • To manage day to day recruitment process with Data Acquisition to ensure minimal recruitment problems during Field Work ( e.g focus group discussions, In-depth interviews) 

  • Coordination with moderators, sim-trans and internal project manager

  • Pre-FGD preparation ie stimulus material, rating sheet and client’s observation room material

Build analysis skills; turning information into good actionable standards, able to tell a story, add value to client

  • To submit a more than 50% ready report with analysis – more is expected if a thorough discussion was held prior to report writing

  • Higher focus on attitude/commitment put during report writing – submission date, the ability to share a point of view during writing, the passion in crafting insight to help the client meet study objective

  • The creativity in making a visually interesting report

Conduct moderation; begin with in-depth interviews/in-home visits to focus groups

  • To conduct at least 5 In-Depth Interview  in the first 6 months

  •  To be able to handle Focus Group Discussion – at least 2-3 in a whole year

  • Able to focus during Focus Group Discussion observation to be able to help seniors with more meaningful/insightful report writing

Client servicing; proactive in a client presentation, foster closer relationship & personalized approach with the client

  • To gain clients trust by getting them comfortable to have you as their main point of contact when it comes to project management matters

  • To avoid complaints or negative feedback on the ability to assist / understanding projects

  •  To be able to interact/hold a conversation about the project with the client during FW and meetings

  • To be pro-active in assisting the client during projects

To be an active and participative team player

  • To not only be a good team player in own small team but to Qualitative team at large

  • To be aware of help/assistance, the ability to get help from superior or other members. Flexible in terms of project management and work delegation due to less perfect team condition – until we have a complete team

  • To have the ‘ONE qualitative spirit’

  • To understand the need to multitask, taking more challenge in order to achieve team target


Curiosity drives your interest in what moves the market. You find potential in percentages. Managing time and deadlines comes naturally to you. You’re known for your impeccable organization. Connecting with clients matters to you, and that motivates you to sift through data for a new angle. You can identify the narratives behind numbers, and you’re always looking for what’s next. 




  • Possess at least a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration / Economics / Marketing or equivalent

  • 2 to 3 years FMCG (marketing / sales) or retail industry experience desired

  • Expert knowledge of  MS office

  • Expert knowledge of research techniques and methodologies

  • Effective writing skills

  • Good in English and Mandarin, candidates fluent in Mandarin is preferred as role requires candidate to deal with Mandarin speaking clients.