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Job Description


As Nielsen, we collect the data from all our stakeholders to give better insights for our clients. The key people in collecting this data are our on-field data collectors. This role manages a team of our on-field data collectors to achieve better data collection and data quality. This involves exception handling, the anticipation of the reasons for such exceptions, and providing real-time solutions. This role also takes care of the data acquisition compliance and quality through remote monitoring, control and management of field team through digital tools providing real-time solutions based on data intelligence.


  • Manage and develop our on field data collectors virtually and provide basic technical support and guarantee the timely development of the activities of the field data collection process

  • Interpret information from multiple sources and correlate data from the reports

  • Use various channels and guide the teams in the field to improve their data collection

  • Responsible for providing inputs to upgrade the system and make recommendations for a better quality of alerts

  • Proactively identify market/store trends and ensure the compliance

  • Identify training needs for continuous improvement in understanding process and also train & certify Senior data collectors.

  • Checking the data that is collected for the correctness of the entered statuses of outlets and received data, prices, revenues & viewing reports, indicators, and monitoring to control the flow of production


This role is perfect for you if you enjoy working with data, you are detail-oriented, great at problem-solving, tech-savvy and making sure your team is compliant and meeting the expected timelines. You are a people person with strong communication and work with the teams remotely with ease.  


  • Proven team management experience

  • Fluent in Turkish and upper-intermediate English (B2+/C1) (Both written & oral)

  • Strong Communication skills with troubleshooting approach including probing and listening, anticipating and providing solutions.

  • Proficiency in virtual collaboration tools (Google, MS Office, Skype, Chat s/w)

  • People Management: Ability to manage and develop remote teams