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Entry Level


Job Description


Able to understand the client business objective and work on the report  analysis focusing on those goals. Show Integrity and Ethical behavior in everyday interactions (Professional conduct, be on time). Is a good team player and has a good working relationship with other peers in the office.

  • Usually handles 2 projects at a time, including simpler BASES I/II, LPOs and Full Forecasts, two projects only with different timings.
  • Follows Nielsen BASES security policies every day (Doesn`t incur in security incidents and does all the necessary certifications).
  • Meets deadlines, delivers projects & tasks on time.
  • Beyond what was explicitly asked, is able to identify problems along the tasks and at least communicate them to seniors, demonstrating willingness to do whatever fits the current set of skills to solve the issues, commitment regardless of the problems being their direct responsibility or not, and sense of urgency.
  • Is able to raise a hand and ask for help when needed
  • Is able to handle the workload assigned, respecting working hours
  • Agile Communication; maximum 24Hrs to respond to an email. Hang out messages maximum response time is in the next 3hrs (if sent during the workday). Client responses need to be reviewed with AM/M
  • Proactively offers quality help to those who need it and, in case of light workload, seeks learnings from peers

As an Innovation Jr. Analyst, you will help the area by managing different projects, also you will be able to help clients by understanding their needs. If you enjoy organization and managing various tasks at the same time, this is the perfect place for you! 

  • Bachelor’s in marketing, business administration, industrial engineering, economics or similar
  • No experience required
  • Intermediate microsoft office knowledge
  • Intermediate google suite knowledge
  • Fluent english
  • Effective communication
  • Organization
  • Client Management skills