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#: 743999737947636 / REF2610Q

Mid-Senior Level


Job Description


As part of consumer intelligence loyalty Onboarding team the candidate will work closely with retailers, IT teams and Nielsen Stakeholders to ensure faster onboarding of retailers data onto Nielsen designated platforms (SAS or others) and create sustainable & flexible keystroke level processes for the execution staff to carry out these data solution updates on an agreed frequency (daily/weekly).

They’ll closely work with a wide range of internal & external stakeholders to support various product/platform enabling data requirements.



  • Interacting with business/commercial teams to understand product requirements

  • Frame data requirements based on product scope

  • Engage with Retailer IT teams to get the data outlined above in data requirements

  • Onboard this data using available ingestion platforms (currently SAS/Linux) and apply necessary transformations as per requirement

  • The ideal candidate will be creating, refining and troubleshooting execution procedures in languages preferred/supported by the ingestion platform. 

  • The job requires extensive scripting/coding upto 60% of the time.

  • Maintain the referential integrity in the published datasets

  • Provide extracts from these datasets to downstream processes/third party vendors

  • Work as a single source of truth for all data/logic related inquiries etc.

  • Provide consultation and support to BAU execution staff.

  • Upskill them to troubleshoot data/process specific issues.


  • Strong technical & business sense with general systems understanding from ETL (Extract , Transform, Load) pov.

  • Proven ability to work with multiple Stakeholders across the organization and manage requirements and expectations simultaneously

  • Mastery in data transformation, manipulation and access controls etc.

  • Ability to work independently without supervision. 


  • 5-8 years of experience in Data Science or equivalent fields.

  • Experience in contemporary technologies (e.g. PySpark, Apache, Numpy, Pandas, Perl etc.)

  • Proficiency in Linux, R, Python & any open source language.

  • Experience dealing with large amounts of data (TBs) and related troubleshooting experience.

  • Graduate in Maths/Science/Technology or any quantitative fields OR B.E. /B.Tech graduates.

  • Post graduate candidates with relevant experience can also apply.