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Client Service & Sales

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Job Description

We won’t say we can predict the future, but our team of Market Research Analysts gets pretty close. This role combines data analysis and client consultation from the start, with plenty of room for growth. You find the stories behind scatter plots and help clients determine which products to launch. Your insights will influence decisions for some of today’s leading global companies. 

  • Maintain a client service orientation by managing day-to-day administration of client service and coordinating on analysis and reporting of assigned research projects.
  • Maintain an accurate, complete, up-to-date and insightful client business profiles to be shared with senior management
  • Assist senior researchers in delivering quality services to clients and ensure the services provided to clients are timely and precise according to client business needs and specifications and at the same time meeting the company's quality standards
  • Analyze and interpret data to discover consumer insights and provide high-quality client deliverables
  • Present research findings and share recommendations to guide clients on their innovations’ journey prior to launch.
  • Be directly accountable for work conducted in terms of analyses, consults with clients regarding research designs and general study concerns.
  • Assist in sales activities in conjunction with senior staff in terms of preparation of proposal and credential presentations


  • Strong sense of ownership and determination to get things done
  • Open to new ideas
  • Constantly learns, grows from mistakes and challenges, open to guidance and coaching
  • Demonstrates empathy lacks excessive ego and understands how behavior impacts others
  • Unwavering commitment to personal accountability, integrity and ethical behavior
  • Is able to communicate effectively with colleagues and clients
  • Evokes and builds trust and leverages relationships for collaboration
  • Optimize on usefulness. Look at every process, policy, system, etc. And ask, “Is this still useful? Can we make this more useful?”
  • Drives change through experimentation, technology, and/or innovation
  • Connects dots, demonstrates an understanding of how priorities and work fit into the larger team
  • Demonstrates a client-centric approach when problem-solving, makes a connection to the “big picture”
  • Has strong analytical skills and attention to detail
  • Makes objective and data-driven decisions


  • Graduate ; preferably BBA 
  • Spoken & written knowledge of Arabic (Preferred)
  • 3 to 4 years’ experience in Quantitative Consumer Insights role
  • Strong Client Focus and Proactiveness
  • Working knowledge of statistics and multivariate analysis
  • Working knowledge of research techniques and methodologies
  • Power users of Excel and Powerpoint