Take-up of Mobile-first

Take-up of Mobile-first

Nielsen Media Index: Internet and TV are key media; Social media support readership of newspapers and magazines

According to the Nielsen Media Index 2017 Year End Report, smartphone penetration in Hong Kong rose 5% (from 4.7 to 4.9 million users) compared with what it was in 2016. The number of people going online by smartphone rose 4%, while the number going online using other devices, such as desktop computers or tablets, fell 2%.

“As the continuous changing of media ecosystem, internet is becoming the medium of choice, and there is no doubt that the online channel is becoming the mainstream. As that happens, online will undoubtedly become much more powerful and sophisticated as a media tool.” said Cherry Lau, Senior Director, Media, Nielsen Hong Kong.

Go digital, go mobile
The Nielsen Media Index 2017 Year End Report points out that using smartphone to access the internet accounted for 97% of all internet users; the amount of time spent online each day rose from 2.8 hours to 3.2 hours, or by about 14%. The overall proportion of people aged 12 to 64 using the internet rose from 91% to 94%, similar to that for TV, making it one of the key tools for consuming media.

The growth of TV viewership contributes to both over-the-top boxes and mobile devices
The viewership of terrestrial, pay and satellite TV rose from 92% to 94% partly due to the increased popularity of over-the-top boxes, and the proportion of households owning media boxes rose from 16% to 43%, together with an emerging usage of mobile devices, drama related (the most favorite TV genre type, 91%) TV channel sustain the overall TV.

Social media add more readers
Mobile-first is not just affecting the digital world, but also traditional print media such as newspapers and magazines. The overall average issue readership (AIR) of daily newspapers rose 3.3% compared with last year, with 2 points of attributable to social media versions, while the readership of website and app versions fell 2%. Social media gave magazines an even bigger boost, adding nearly 2 points in overall readership, 3.5 points for weekly and 2 points for monthly magazines.

Revamp of Media Index: All-In-One anywhere any time
Nearly half a century ago, Nielsen established Media Index, the first multimedia consumption survey in Hong Kong, has now become the industry’s key performance indicator (KPI) by providing critical insights into the media and buying patterns of the crown colony’s consumers. Nielsen continues to lead the way as an innovator, and will this month introduce an online dashboard for Media Index, an all-in-one platform that will give users an instant overview of media and consumption data that will be readable on any device anywhere and at any time.

Nielsen Media Index, established in 1969, was the first multimedia consumption survey in Hong Kong to provide critical insights into the media and buying habits of Hong Kong consumers relating to their demographics, social economic characteristics, general consumption patterns and lifestyle. Media Index covers the Hong Kong general population aged 12-64. In the survey, for which more than 6,000 people are interviewed each year, internationally recognized methodology is used, and data is processed on a 12-month rolling basis and weighted/projected to the known population of Hong Kong based on Government statistics.

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