A Digital Giant Awakens

A Digital Giant Awakens

Marketing has evolved over the last several decades from marketing to many, marketing to some and now marketing to one. With advancements in technology and the growth of digital media and addressability, precision marketing is now a reality.

What is Precision Marketing?

Precision marketing (also sometimes referred to as personalized, data-driven or one-to-one marketing) enables personalized connections with consumers by understanding who they are at scale and becoming familiar with their paths to purchase.

With consumer purchase journeys having evolved considerably over the years, precision marketing allows businesses to appreciate every journey and establish connections on the basis of how consumers want to interact with a brand, service and content.

The Nielsen Precision Marketing for Asia-Pacific report spotlights data management platforms as a precision marketing enabler and highlights the top implications for advertisers, media owners and agencies that are interested in tapping into the marketing opportunities of the current 2 billion online users across the Asia-Pacific region.


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A Digital Giant Awakens

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