Today, consumers are smarter and more selective. They listen to what’s relevant and filter out the banal. Cutting through the communication clutter is challenging, especially when the consumer expects to be spoken to as a unique individual, with insight about their world and about benefits that are worth listening to. Strong ad creative and messaging has never been more important. Without powerful communications that capture attention, are distinctive and give a reason to “Pick me, choose me,” advertising will get lost in the crowd.

We have found in our global branding and advertising studies that consumers across Europe have some of the most diverse relationships with brand messaging. A region spanning a variety of cultures, languages and experiences, there isn’t one kind of European consumer—they all seek specific attributes and benefits from new and favoured brands alike. And advertising needs to communicate real benefits based on real consumer needs.

Everything consumers hear, see and experience from a brand will affect how they respond to it in the future. Our framework can help you build the future you want for your brand. We tell you where to put your marketing dollars and the best way to communicate your brand message to grow your brand and share.


Our real-world environment methodology allows for a realistic assessment. By collecting robust survey data among the representative panellists, we measure the real impact that each campaign makes, including ad memorability, brand communication and message recognition. Our solution provides a collaborative technology platform that allows everyone with a stake in the outcome of a campaign to measure and optimise performance in-flight, using classic brand lift metrics such as awareness, attitudes, favourability, intent and preference.

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Understanding consumers’ subconscious response to your ads helps streamline creative development and deliver more efficient media spend. Our granular diagnostics identify what is (and isn’t) working to provide actionable results and optimise your advertising.

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