Keep Your Customers Close, But Retailers Closer

A sharp increase in demand is expected in the post-pandemic marketplace, but new stores and distribution expansion may not be the best way for manufacturers to grow. Our data shows that under-serviced and deprioritized stores result in brands exiting from 30% of new stores in the first three months...

The growth of male grooming in India

Men care about how they look from head to toe, and grooming products for the beard, moustache, hair, face and the body are flying off the shelves. We look at which categories within the male grooming segment are driving growth, the retail formats that are drawing male shoppers and how this trend...

The Rise and Rise Again of Private Label

There’s a new retail revolution underway, and it’s going to affect the global food industry in ways the market hasn’t seen before. The revolution comes at the hand of store-branded products, which continue to gain share across all major geographies around the globe.

Five Steps To Optimising Marketing Mix Strategies

As the media landscape gets increasingly fragmented, arriving at the right marketing mix is becoming more and more challenging. See how brands can optimise their marketing mix strategies by evaluating the historical relationship between marketing spends and business performance in a structured...

The Smartphone Becomes The Mobile Wallet

Cash is no longer the king! The phenomenon of mobile payment apps has been quick to catch on with the number of end-users ballooning. Take a look at how mobile payment apps have gone on to become a mainstay in our lives, the extent of their reach, and usage.

What Clicks With The Online Shopper?

With e-tailing coming of age, our numbers show that as much as 60% of consumers in developing markets are willing to use digital retailing options. Here's a look into the motivations of the online shopper and the trends that will help e-commerce brands stay ahead.