Perspectives: A Small Change Makes a Big Difference

Measuring an ad’s ability to communicate trust is a tricky business: perceptions of trust can be non-conscious, formed almost immediately and biased by subtle factors. Given these nuances, explicit research methods aren’t sufficient.

When Emotions Give A Lift To Advertising

Statistically, many of our purchases are driven by emotions. Yet, most measurement tools are unable to assess the emotional connection that an ad creates with viewers. According to modern researchers, techniques that can directly measure neurological and biological reactions are the most accurate,...

Five Steps To Optimising Marketing Mix Strategies

As the media landscape gets increasingly fragmented, arriving at the right marketing mix is becoming more and more challenging. See how brands can optimise their marketing mix strategies by evaluating the historical relationship between marketing spends and business performance in a structured...

Millennials Are Most Trusting When it Comes to Advertising

Whether watching TV, checking emails, or flipping through a magazine, it seems like everywhere we look there’s an opportunity for advertisers to connect with us, earn our trust and deliver their message. So has all this media proliferation watered down the resonance of their messages?