Making Digital Advertising Add Up in India

Brands go by the metrics that publishers themselves report, to gauge the effectiveness of their digital advertising and devise further strategies. However, research reveals that in reality only a fraction of campaigns targeted towards specific audiences actually reach those that they are intended...

The Future Awaits: Tech-Transformed Consumption

In our latest research, we examine the challenges and accelerators affecting how and when consumers around the world will engage with the myriad forms of emerging technologies primed to make their lives easier and more efficient.

Dialing In To The Telecom Super Consumer

While the average Indian spends around two hours and forty five minutes per day on their smartphone, the ‘super consumers’ are substantially more involved with their phones, especially when it comes to data usage. They represent one-third of the telecom consumer universe and are influential in...

From X-Rays to MBAs: The Next Wave of Digital Opportunities

From search engines to social networks, people around the globe mostly use electronic devices for three primary purposes: relationship building/maintaining, information gathering and entertainment viewing. But what does the future use of electronic devices look like, and where are the best...

Oscars Score Over Filmfares

The Oscars 2015 created more online buzz in India than the Filmfares 2015 across public domain blogs and social media platforms.