India Music 360 Report

Learn more about the music landscape in India and the commercial opportunities it presents in the Nielsen Music’s India 360 Report.

How Are We Staying Entertained Through the Holiday Season?

Gone are the days of spending the holidays staring into the warm blaze of a crackling fireplace or gazing through the oven window to watch the sugar cookies rise. Today, we look elsewhere for our holiday entertainment. And as the year winds down, our consumption typically increases—whether it be...

Turn it Up: Music Fans Could Spend Up To $2.6B More Annually

Music is the universal language that fans speak fluently. In fact, a recent Nielsen study found that 40 percent of U.S. consumers—those classified as fans—are responsible for 75 percent of music spending. These fans, who spend between $20 billion and $26 billion on music each year, could spend...

Newswire | 007 by the Numbers | Nielsen

As the Academy Awards prepare to pay tribute to British Secret Service agent 007 and the James Bond franchise this Sunday, Nielsen looked at the most popular music titles & most popular disc sales.