Paralympics and Para-Sports

Nielsen Sports' latest report examines not only the rising interest in para-sports and the Paralympics, its growing status as a media product and how the Games already works for partners, but also notes the opportunity it provides to change attitudes – and, critically, what that might mean for...

Video on Demand

Nearly two-thirds of global respondents (65%) in a Nielsen online survey in 61 countries say they watch some form of VOD programming, which includes long- and short-form content.

The Smartphone Becomes The Mobile Wallet

Cash is no longer the king! The phenomenon of mobile payment apps has been quick to catch on with the number of end-users ballooning. Take a look at how mobile payment apps have gone on to become a mainstay in our lives, the extent of their reach, and usage.

What Clicks With The Online Shopper?

With e-tailing coming of age, our numbers show that as much as 60% of consumers in developing markets are willing to use digital retailing options. Here's a look into the motivations of the online shopper and the trends that will help e-commerce brands stay ahead.

Global Trust in Advertising – 2015

Three factors form the foundation of a successful ad campaign: Reach, resonance and reaction. Reach the right audience, and ensure your advertising resonates positively so you can generate the desired reaction. Simple–right? Wrong.

The Art Of Effective Advertising

Ask any marketer today what his or her primary challenge is and the answer you’re likely to get is “how do I maximize the impact of my advertising campaign?” Here’s a look at the ‘3C framework’ of context, content and consumer that shows how reaction (outcomes) to ads can be amplified...

What Women Want (On Their Smartphones)

Today, the average Indian spends over two-and-a-half hours a day on their smartphones. Take a look at what men and women actually do on their devices and what the key differences are in terms of usage habits.

Dialing In To The Telecom Super Consumer

While the average Indian spends around two hours and forty five minutes per day on their smartphone, the ‘super consumers’ are substantially more involved with their phones, especially when it comes to data usage. They represent one-third of the telecom consumer universe and are influential in...

Super Viewers: Powering The Desi Digital Revolution

From making bank payments and paying insurance premiums to watching videos and television shows, more and more Indians are moving from traditional methods to wholly online processes. In this context, there exists a niche set of consumers who are heavy internet users with a corresponding high level...