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Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights – March 2012

March 2012 – Mobile Gaming Trends

Gaming on the smartphone has emerged as a favorite pastime for many smartphone users. Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights looked at usage and spotted these trends –

1.      Arcade games, led by Angry Birds, is the most played game genre. Despite lower popularity, there is a high level of engagement for Card games.

2.      On Android, a number of games are played. This is unlike BlackBerry, where only a handful of games are very popular.

3.      Time spent in every playing session increases as the day progresses. 

Arcade games have the highest reach and playing sessions compared to other game genres. Angry Birds, the leading arcade game, was played by one in ten users. Card games witnessed greater engagement amongst users in terms of time spent and playing sessions, despite having the lowest reach amongst top gaming genres.