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Aditya Birla Group Leads Nielsen’s Corporate Image Monitor 2012-13


March 25, 2013

  • Aditya Birla Group, Tata Motors , LICI emerge as the top three corporates in the Nielsen’s Corporate Image Monitor 2012-2013
  • ITC Ltd, ABG, Infosys, TATA Steel and TATA Motors are the corporates seen most actively involved in CSR activities

Aditya Birla Group tops the latest round of Nielsen’s Corporate Image Monitor 2012-13 survey that measures the reputation of leading corporates in the country. Tata Motors comes 2nd, followed by Life Insurance Corporation of India (3rd) and ITC Ltd (4th), while Infosys and Wipro are tied at the fifth spot.

Aditya Birla Group has emerged ‘Best in Class’ across all the six pillars of Corporate Image, according to the annual Corporate Image Monitor 2012-13, conducted by Nielsen, a leading global provider of insights and information into what consumers watch and buy. The six pillars of Corporate Image comprise of Product & Service quality, Vision and Leadership, Workplace Management, Financial Performance, Operating style and Social responsibility. Tata Motors also shares space with ABG as the ‘Best in Class’ for ‘Product & Service quality’ and ‘Vision and Leadership’. 

Nielsen’s Corporate Image Monitor measures the reputation of the 40 leading companies in India across sectors and serves as an important indicator of the strength of the corporate brand.  With over 1700 respondents, consisting of stakeholders such as policy makers, influence groups, the financial community, investors, corporate peers, corporate elite, and the general consumer, the annual Corporate Image Monitor is now in its 12th year. 

Corporate Reputation Index 

In the top ten as per the Corporate Reputation Index, Infosys has moved up eight places to number 5 from last year. It shares the 5th spot with Wipro which has gained 2 places from last year. ITC has moved up four places and is at number 4 this year. TATA Motors has dropped to second place, and TATA Steel has dropped four places to number 9. LICI (3rd) and State Bank of India (10th) are new entrants in the list.

“The movement we see in this year’s list, comes largely from the new entrants State Bank of India & Life Insurance Corporation of India.- two public sector units that have been included in the survey for the first time”, said Dinesh Kapoor, Executive Director, Nielsen India. “Their rich heritage, coupled with strong financial health as well as the increasing focus on image building and customer relationship management have pulled them right through to the top ten list for corporate reputation”, he said. 

Over a quarter respondents (25%) indicated that Tata Motors is the ‘Most admired Corporate’ in India, followed by Aditya Birla Group (17%), Wipro (17%), Infosys (16%) and ITC (16%). While Infosys tops the list amongst corporate elites (22%) and Wipro amongst policy makers(26%), Tata Motors fares the best on this metric across all other segments such as Influencers, Financial community, Investors, Corporate Executives and General Public. 

Attributes of the Corporate Image Monitor

A key parameter for driving corporate reputation is offering products or services that are of high quality and reliable (45%), followed by consistently showing good financial results (27%). Sharing a clear company vision with stakeholders (26%) and being environment conscious (26%) are also important in driving reputation across stakeholders. 

Financial parameters like Companies that are conducive to invest in (23%) and perceived as financially stable (22%) are also rated highly, while those that attract  talent (22%) and employee engagement (21%) indicate the increasing importance and focus on talent engagement and retention. 

“Companies that are looking to optimize both financial strength, as well as focus on products and services stand to gain in terms of perception and reputation” said Kapoor. ”This is complemented by an awareness on customer centricity, and overall mission and environment consciousness that companies exhibit. It is a fair mix of these characteristics that have a strong influence in driving an organization’s reputation and creates a positive perception amongst stakeholders,” he added. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

The extent of involvement a corporate has in giving back to the society also plays a significant role in shaping the reputation of the company for certain stakeholders. 24% indicated that ITC Ltd is the corporate seen most actively involved in CSR activities, followed by Aditya Birla Group (20%), Infosys (16%) and TATA Steel (13%). 

Stakeholders have indicated that companies need to focus on critical CSR activities like fighting critical diseases (21%), building a better health infrastructure in the country (14%), healthcare education (10%) and supply of clean drinking water (10%). 

About Corporate Image Monitor

The Nielsen Corporate Image Monitor is an annual syndicated study conducted by Nielsen. It is designed to track the reputation of the leading Indian companies and provides actionable insights that help companies build their corporate brand. In its twelfth year, the Corporate Image Monitor covers the top listed companies of India across industries. The selection of companies for the survey is based on – Market Capitalization, Sales & Assets. Taking a simple average, a single score is calculated for each company and the final list of companies is drawn up. A few additional companies were added on the basis Nielsen’s internal assessment. Nielsen Corporate Image Monitor 2012 represents the views of 1790 people from different walks of life across the top seven metros. The Nielsen Corporate Reputation Index is a singular measure which encapsulates the performance of different corporates on 24 attributes. It takes into account the importance of each attribute in contributing to reputation.

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