Online Measurement

Playing to your online strengths

Understanding how your brand is doing online is about more than clicks and page views. It’s about the audience.

The Internet has brought about a revolution in how companies interact with their customers, business partners and suppliers. An effective web presence is the basis for strengthening customer relationships and building a stronger brand. Increased loyalty, an enhanced understanding of customer needs, as well as increased sales at lower cost, are just some of the benefits of conducting business on the Internet.

As the Internet arena becomes increasingly competitive, dot.coms and traditional companies are turning to advanced modes of analytics to better understand what their customers want from the Internet.

Nielsen can provide guidance on what people like and what they don’t on websites. Companies can use this information to understand how users behave offline and what content is most appropriate to their needs. Companies can also use the data to better reach their target audiences – to formulate and fine tune their on and offline advertising strategies.

Nielsen’s leadership in Internet research lies in our ability to offer insight into both consumer behaviour and attitudes, ensuring clients develop and maintain competitive strength through their websites and e-services.

A range of innovative web tools together with Nielsen’s proprietary techniques and an expert, enthusiastic online team allow Nielsen to offer a powerful and extremely effective resource to enhance your competitive strength in this market.


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