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Nielsen : Malaysians Radio Listenership Remain High

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Kuala Lumpur – June 11, 2015 – Malaysian radio listeners has continued to grow steadily in the past five years, with 95.0% of people aged 10 years and above in Peninsular Malaysia tuned in to their favourite radio station, according to the latest Radio Audience Measurement (RAM) survey results released today by Nielsen, a global performance management company that provides a comprehensive understanding of what consumers Watch and Buy.

The average quarter-hour audience recorded 1.7 million average listeners this year versus 1.9 million average listeners in previous year (Wave #1, 2015 vs Wave #2, 2014). Averagely, Malaysians spend more than two hours listening to their preferred station in a day (20 minutes less compared to previous year).

“In today’s rapidly evolving world of consumer choice and technological advancement, audio and more specifically local radio – remains an integral part of our lives. Although there is a growing number of media platforms in the market vying for consumers’ attention, radio still appeals to Malaysian consumers at large.” said Benjamin Ting, Executive Director of Media Industry Group for Nielsen Malaysia.

The 13 key radio stations from Astro Radio Sdn Bhd, Media Prima Radio Networks, Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM) and Best Media Network commanded 67.0% share of the radio market in Peninsular Malaysia.


The Nielsen RAM survey also revealed that more than six in 10 radio listeners are under the age of 40 years (62.8%) while nearly eight in 10 listeners consist of urbanites (77.2%). The findings also saw more than half of listeners take home an average monthly household income of over RM3,000 (52.9%), and a quarter of them are white collar workers (25.3%).

Half of the surveyed respondents say they would listen to the radio during their daily commute (51.1%) while a third have said that they listen to radio via the Astro decoder (32.1%), and about one in five prefer to listen to their chosen station via their mobile phones or smart devices in the past month (19.1%).


Malay language stations climbed to an overall weekly reach of 56.3% (10.5 million listeners) as compared to 54.9% (10.2 million listeners) in previous year. The top three Malay language stations are ERA fm (average weekly reach of 26.0% [4.8 million listeners]) followed by SINAR fm (average weekly reach of 20.0% [3.7 million listeners]) and Hot FM (average weekly reach of 14.8% [2.7 million listeners]). Both IKIMfm and Best FM registered an average weekly reach of 4.0% (738,000 listeners) and 1.8% (329,000 listeners) respectively.

Best FM had their listeners tuned in to an average of almost 12 hours weekly (11h:25m) while both SINAR fm (9h:13m) and ERA fm (8h:05m) commanded about nine hours weekly followed by HOT fm (7h:32m).


The overall weekly reach for Chinese language stations remains stable at 21.8% (4.1 million listeners) as compared to previous year at 22.2% (4.1 million listeners). MY FM retained its top spot as Malaysian consumers’ most preferred Chinese language stations with an average weekly reach of 10.9% (2 million listeners) followed by one FM with 4.8% (900,000 listeners) and MELODY FM with 2.1% (398,000 listeners).

Malaysians clocked in over 10 hours weekly listening to MELODY FM (10h:04m) while listeners tuned in to MY FM for almost eight hours weekly of information and entertainment (7h:52m). one FM trailed closely with listeners tuning in to more than six hours of listenership weekly (6h:18m).


English language stations in Malaysia registered a double digit overall weekly reach of 10.3% (1.9 million listeners) as compared to previous year which stood at 9.1% (1.7 million listeners). Malaysia’s leading English language station is still a weekly reach of 6.6% (1.2 million listeners) followed by fly FM with a weekly reach of 2.4% (441,000 listeners). Listeners recorded over six hours of infotainment on both fly FM (6h:43m) and (6h:22m).

THR Raaga and THR Gegar also maintained an average weekly reach of 20.0% (3.7 million listeners) with listeners tuning into this bi-lingual station for almost 12 hours weekly (11h:55m).


The Nielsen RAM Survey is conducted twice a year in collaboration with participating radio broadcasters to provide the industry with radio listening measurement. Nielsen RAM provides listening preferences as well as listener profile and their product consumption in Peninsular Malaysia. The study is based on individual quarter-hour diaries completed by a representative sample of 3,000 individuals in Peninsular Malaysia. The most recent survey, Wave #1 2015 was conducted from 30 Mar – 26 Apr, 2015.


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